There have been few moments in history that have redefined how future generations will look back on that time. Those moments that will always be talked about. Personally, I think about the assassination of Franz Ferdinand sparking World War One, or even the day the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the NBA, and even the day the orange man got elected president. I will never forget though, that day in August of 2019 when Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen woke up and chose violence and Gen Z and Millenials lost their minds. Popeyes took a straight shot at the self proclaimed king of…

You’ve seen it by now. The image of Donald Trump creepily standing in front of St. John’s Episcopal church in Washington D.C brandishing “a Bible” moments after police violently dispersed a peaceful group of protesters in Lafayette Square. As a student of theology and as someone who seeks to understand God on more than just a personal level, but on a philosophical, ontological, and academic level, seeing the President do something like that and effectively politicize religion and use it as a weapon sickened me. I was angry. In that moment I thought to myself that Donald Trump is the…

On March 10th, 2020 we got the dreaded email which mirrored the cancellations of universities across the country.

First, all on-campus classes will be suspended until further notice, and we will transition to remote instruction (video and other forms of delivery) for all undergraduate, graduate and professional schools

Dr. Vincent Price, President of Duke University wrote those words to all students in an email. I did not know how to react. For years I have been trying to follow some kind of calling into ministry for the Lord. …

Rajeev Tiwari

I’m a graduate student at Duke University in the Divinity School pursuing a Master’s in Divinity. I love Basketball. Richmond, VA and Alyson have my heart.

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